Goals of the company:

  • Provide the region’s gifted dancers a professional level training and performance vehicle.

  • Showcase the outstanding ballet talent in our region to increase participation in classical ballet.

  • Ignite community interest in the performing arts.

  • Strengthen the performing arts community through joint performances with other arts groups.

  • Foster the understanding of ballet as an art form that enhances human dignity, personal development, and also physical and mental skills.

Code of conduct

1. Respect – the gift and opportunity to dance; respect each other and yourself. Be on time and ready to work (hair up in bun or in a ponytail, bodysuit and tights, shoes, jewellery and watches off…) Talking will not be allowed during rehearsal or class time. Chitchat before or after class: talking in class diminishes results of your work by 45%. Chewing gum is absolutely forbidden in any dance classes.

2. Commitment & dedication – to being the best that you can be; to the team; to the art and to your work. If you need to miss a class or a rehearsal, please leave us a message to indicate the reason for your absence. Failure to live up to these expectations may result in your being asked to step down from your position as member of the Youth Theatre and/or the competition.

3. Teamwork – We are only as strong as our weakest link; don’t let anyone outwork you on any given day; be kind, compassionate and upfront with your team; together we are stronger. Communication and compassion are key. Listen to what others are telling you and dare to speak your mind (always in a constructive fashion).

4. Positivist – Choose your attitude. Have energy and excitement for what you do, and the results will be tenfold. Everything in life is as good (or as bad) as you make it. The Academy is a safe haven; a positive environment where children have positive role models who influence them and exemplify discipline as well as enjoyment and joy.

5. Passion – Be passionate about dance, about the work that you do; life is too short to live it without passion.

6. Preparation – Much preparation goes into shows and competitions, and each member of our team has a role to play each step of the way. Prepare yourselves for class, prepare your bodies for the performances, prepare your classes, and prepare your pieces (choreographies.) Know the repertoire inside and out, no exceptions.

7. Standard of excellence – We always aim to be the best of the best. We are the best that we can possibly be; we go above and beyond the ordinary.

8. Fairness – Be fair to each other. The directors will always choose roles based on ability AND effort; we aim to be as fair as possible in an art where there are soloists and corps de ballet roles. We will be fair in our expectations of you; however, we will also be demanding in order to get you to achieve your full potential.